• All your bills in one place

• Archiving your bills for 10 years

• Accessible 24/7 on your PC, tablet or smartphone

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A service that will always be free


Secure and within reach at all times


Simple and familiar to keep the good habits


A fair price for you and for the planet

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Like you, we are citizens. Like you, we want to save precious time. Like you, we want to manage all our invoices in one place, from reception to archiving.

Digiteal is a “virtual office”, free and private, intended for every citizen to receive, check, comment, pay and archive invoices.

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Available 24/24 on your PC, tablet or smartphone

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About us

Digiteal is developed by Teal IT, an IT consulting firm. From its foundation, self management principles are applied in the company. This implies that Teal IT operates with full transparency towards all its employees and that roles and responsibilities are distributed within the company. This allows everyone to have more freedom and maximize the positive impact through their actions while assuming the responsibilities that this obviously implies. 

  • Cocréation

    A customer centered approach throughout the creation of our products and services is the foundation of  sustainable development and the birth of products that meet our clients’ needs.

  • Innovation

    Developing an innovative alternative in the field of electronic invoicing and payments is at the heart of our work. We provide a finer control to our customers. 

  • Dynamism

    We bring our energy and commitment in all our activities.

  • Expertise

    Our team can humbly rely on years of experience in the field of financial applications development.

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